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Friday, March 5, 2010

My salute to Mosab Hassan Yousef: Son of Hamas, and a child of the Most High God

“Whoever, then, acknowledges me before people, I will acknowledge before my Father in heaven. Matthew 10:32

For some people, to acknowledge followership of the Kingship of Jesus of Nazareth as Savior in a social setting can be an awkward moment. However, if pressed, and on recall of this passage, they eventually do so.

In an environment like a "democracy" where people move about with a liberty to express their thoughts freely, this is not unusual.

However, in this day and age, in the liberal democracy that is the United States of America, where all forms of ideologies are allowed - including the dangerous ones - it can be very dangerous. Most specially if you converted from Islam. And more so if you converted, coming from a radical Jihadist movement of Islam.

The danger that Mosab Hassan Yousef has placed himself in, by the writing and publication of his testimony and of his collaboration with Shin Bet, to save Palestinian lives including those of potential suicide bombers, is hardly the most sensible thing to do.

However, in doing so, Mosab makes the loudest statement among his people, the Islamic world, and the Arab world who are probably livid with his revelations. The most painful consequence occurred just hours before his book "Son of Hamas" was released publicly - his father, a founder of the Hamas movement, denounced and disowned him publicly.

Starting with a riveting interview on CNN's Amanpour, Mosab has gained the attention and admiration of many a believer in Jesus Christ. More so, when his turnaround from an active member of Hamas to a genuine follower of Jesus, and assisting the avowed enemy of his people, the Palestinians, by foiling at least 1,000 plots to assasinate, sow terror and murder is probably causing much fury among them, and there may be quite a number of them already plotting to assassinate him as well.

Mosab makes it clear that he does it to make a statement among his people, who he is not against, but rather, what they believe in.

In the study of apologetics, the discussion of the veracity of the claims of the Qur'an can very well be dealt with using facts. However, in a case like this, facts will not be sufficient. Emotions run high, and the threats to Mosab are quite real.

It is true, that the exponentially growing number of followers of Jesus among the Arabs and former muslims who converted to Isa (Jesus) face the most danger in their home environments. This is still by far, the largest unreported story in the world today. There are many reports online that are available to attest to this.

However, the act of this one brave man has done more to gain the attention of the secular media than the reports of the appearance of Isa among villages of muslims in various parts of the muslim world in dreams or actual apparitions. To the point where most media are now focusing on the danger that Mosab has exposed himself to.

Despite this, Mosab remains steadfast in his decision. And to him, spiritual death is more a matter to be concerned with than a physical death.

Truly, should he survive despite the dangers he faces now, what matters more will be that he will be acknowledged before the Almighty Father in Heaven by the Son, and because Mosab acknowledged Him publicly. And in a really big way.

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